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And now for something completely different

Ready for a dose of extra-strength insanity?

Yes, Flava Flav is voicing a blue Viking version of Father Time. That is a thing that is actually happening.

Depending on how well the show can sustain the initial level of crazy that the theme song presents, Yoohoo and Friends could be an awesome throwback to the absurdist ’90s cartoons like series creator Dan Feiss’ own I Am Weasel and Cow and Chicken. A lot of the show’s appeal is going to rest on the fuzzy critters’ shoulders. If they can make the fairly thin fetch-quest plot enjoyable then I think the show has a shot.

Thoughts? Do you think this show can find an audience? Is casting Flava Flav a silly publicity stunt or a stroke of warped genius? Can anyone explain why Father Time has the power to turn business executives into adorable animals?

via Cartoon Brew


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