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Cat Shit One coming to YouTube in English

Nice gun.Nothing screams “cartoon” more than small fuzzy animals doing bodily harm to each other. From Tom and Jerry to the Happy Tree Friends, animation fans love watching adorable critters commit unspeakable acts of violence. While most Western animation that follows the brutal traditions of carnage and mayhem set down by Bugs Bunny and Wile E. Coyote tends to be of the light and fluffy brand of violence, Studio Anima’s Cat Shit One drops its cuddly combatants into the nightmare of war in the roles of mercenaries and terrorists. To coincide with the upcoming DVD/BluRay release of the 12 episode series, the creators will be streaming the whole English dubbed series on YouTube for two weeks only, starting February 5th. Check out the series’ trailer below, but be warned there is a minute long ad for action figures preceding it.

via Twitch

(Is it just me or did those action figure look kinda cool?)