Super Baozi: the most surreal asskicker of all

When I got up this morning I had some expectations for my day. Class, laundry, homework, maybe a movie or some gaming tonight. What I did not expect was to watch a pair of Chinese animated shorts about a sentient steamed bun that can deliver an epic beat down in addition to singing and dancing. Super Baozi is a bun with a love of Bruce Lee and catchy pop tunes and nunchuck skills that would make Michelangelo envious. With his sidekick Fierce Fly, Baozi takes on enemies like Sushi Man and does a mean cover of “Dragon Fist” by Jay Chou (Kato of the recent Green Hornet film). Hit the jump and get ready for the crazy.

Super Baozi vs. Sushi Man

Jay Chou’s “Dragon Fist”

Created by Sun Haipeng, a Chinese animator, Super Baozi has become something of a viral hit in China. Now Twitch is reporting that Super Baozi will be returning for a new short film called 食功夫, which apparently means “Kung Fu Fresh”. Sun Haipeng posted some teaser images on his website, including a teaser poster for the new short, which you can see below.

By the looks of the teaser the new film will introduce several new characters, and apparently they will all be skilled in martial arts. Sun Haipeng has not released any footage of the new film nor is there a release date yet, but as soon as it’s out I’ll let you all know.


Interview with Sun Haipeng


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