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Super Baozi: the most surreal asskicker of all

When I got up this morning I had some expectations for my day. Class, laundry, homework, maybe a movie or some gaming tonight. What I did not expect was to watch a pair of Chinese animated shorts about a sentient steamed bun that can deliver an epic beat down in addition to singing and dancing. Super Baozi is a bun with a love of Bruce Lee and catchy pop tunes and nunchuck skills that would make Michelangelo envious. With his sidekick Fierce Fly, Baozi takes on enemies like Sushi Man and does a mean cover of “Dragon Fist” by Jay Chou (Kato of the recent Green Hornet film). Hit the jump and get ready for the crazy. Read the rest of this entry »


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A look at the new Thundercats

HOOOOOO!!The Thundercats phenomenon was a bit before my time, but I can see its legacy throughout today’s pop culture even without having seen the original series. A modern reboot of the cartoon is slated to hit the airwaves later this year and the first images of the new series have found their way onto the interwebs. Hit the jump for two new pictures of the anime-styled cast of the new Thundercats. Read the rest of this entry »



Cat Shit One coming to YouTube in English

Nice gun.Nothing screams “cartoon” more than small fuzzy animals doing bodily harm to each other. From Tom and Jerry to the Happy Tree Friends, animation fans love watching adorable critters commit unspeakable acts of violence. While most Western animation that follows the brutal traditions of carnage and mayhem set down by Bugs Bunny and Wile E. Coyote tends to be of the light and fluffy brand of violence, Studio Anima’s Cat Shit One drops its cuddly combatants into the nightmare of war in the roles of mercenaries and terrorists. To coincide with the upcoming DVD/BluRay release of the 12 episode series, the creators will be streaming the whole English dubbed series on YouTube for two weeks only, starting February 5th. Check out the series’ trailer below, but be warned there is a minute long ad for action figures preceding it.

via Twitch

(Is it just me or did those action figure look kinda cool?)



The most mathematical picture ever

Long ago in a distant land...

There is so much awesomeness in this Adventure Time/Samurai Jack mash-up picture by DiamantMantis that I am unable to write something clever about it. Just bask in the glory folks. (via the Frederator blog)

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